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Next Generation PicoScope is here!

PicoScope 4423


The Pico lab scope has been great and the Ace Misfire software, well, nothing short of awesome... Sean Schultz
Nasca Automotive
Oakland Park, Florida, US

A.C.E. Misfire Detective in the news

Identifying the source of a cylinder misfire can be very time-consuming. New software, running in partnership with a PC-based oscilloscope, does a big chunk of the work for you....

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The Fuel ZAPP is the must have tool for easy fuel system diagnosis

We offer financing for purchases of $1,000.00 and up through Uninsource Capital

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Download a Demo
A.C.E. Misfire Detective

ACE Demo (46Mb)

AutoEnginuity Scan Tool Download Page

For latest Auto Enginuity Scan Tool video, update files, manuals and release notes: Click here!


International News

ACE Misfire Detective is distributed in European and Asian markets by Pico Technology Limited UK the manufacturer of Pico PC based Lab Scopes


Thompson Automotive Labs is the North American distributor of Carbon Zapp International (Athens Greece) Fuel System Cleaning and Diagnostic tools


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Combustion Performance Tool (CPT)

ACE Detective Kit

Like an EKG for an Engine - A handheld computer designed to quickly analyze combustion performance in less than 60 seconds


ACE Misfire Detective Kits

ACE Detective Kit

- Pushbutton simplicity for identifying misfiring cylinder(s) on any make and model of gasoline engine in the world


ACE Misfire Detective - AutoEnginuity Scan Tool - Pico Lab Scope - Fuel Injection Equipment - Lab Scope Accessories - More

 ASNU Ultrasonic Injector Cleaning - Pico labscope - Pico Lab Scope - Coda FSA - Emissfire Detector

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Coil-on Plug Probe + bnc

Coil-on-plug Probe


AutoEnginuity Scan Tool

Pico 4 Channel Kit

Pico Lab Scope + AMD Kits

Fuel Zapp Fuel System Analyzer

Fuel Zapp FSA

FirstLook ES 300
GDi Fuel System Tester

Cam & Crank Waveform Library
Cam/Crank Waveforms


Smoke Pro Evap Tester

Smoke Pro TT

Power Probe III

Power Probe III

Low Amp Clamp

Low Amp

OBD2 Point of Sale Kit

OBD II Point of Sale Kit   

Hi Amp Clamp

 Hi Amp

Short Finder
Short/Open Finder

Engine Tech 2200
TAL Vibration Probe

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Gasoline Direct Injection Test Bench

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Gasoline Fuel Benches

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Lab Scope Accessories

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